At Optimum3 we have years of extensive knowledge and experience working with busy professionals living hectic and stressful lives in the corporate world

Often at the expense of their health and lifestyle. Getting stuck behind a desk, overloaded with deadlines, budgets, running a business, and general day to day stresses.

At Optimum3 our personal training services empower those people to take control of their health and lifestyle goals, but we went a step further to offer something for businesses, bringing teams together collectively with our corporate packages

If your business likes to look after their staff when it comes to health, wellbeing and general professional performance you’re in the right place with Optimum3 Corporate packages.

Optimum3 has worked hard on providing the best services required by businesses to improve the health, morale and performance of their teams. Looking for something different? We’ve got you need.

Business boot camps

Optimum3 boot camps are high quality providing you with a boot camp that looks after your team in a group setting but on an individual basis

→ Have your own business’s boot camps, train in teams of 6

→ Improve staff morale with fun, motivational training sessions

→ Increase team energy

→ Improve individual and team professional performance with time together out of the work environment

→ A great opportunity to encourage exercise in the work place

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Corporate Wellbeing Team Days – In Partnership with Escape Rooms (Dock Street)

Optimum3 Corporate Wellbeing Team days provide the ultimate team day for you and your staff, with a focus on wellbeing

→ An exciting and unique team day exercising body and mind

→ Work as a team escaping from Hull’s Premier Escape Rooms with awesome themes

→ Fun exercise sessions

→ Health & Wellbeing Talks with Director and Personal Trainer of over 10 years, James Brereton

→ Q & A for your team to take home some top tips and get the most out of the day

→ Healthy lunch provided by our awesome friends at JJays – Fuelling Healthy Lifestyles

→ Days can be created suit your team

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