Private Personal Training Facility in Hull City Centre

Optimum3 Personal Training provides a state of the art personal training only gym, with facilities specifically designed to provide a high end results based personal training environment located in the heart of Hull City Centre. This is not an open membership gym! This is a gym with an ethos of delivering top quality personal training in Hull, in a personal, professional and friendly environment. You are assured to achieve the amazing results you’ve always wanted in an environment that allows you to feel confident. Head over to our results page to see what others have achieved training with Optimum3.

Our aim is to be the number one gym in Hull for personal training and these facilities will definitely do that. So what’s on offer? There are some awesome visuals and walk through videos of the facility on their way, but for now lets have a sneaky peak at what you’ll be getting involved in.

Firstly, we have a team of personal trainers delivering 1-1 personal training (there is also the option of training with a partner/friend), with an emphasis on you as an individual and what you require to achieve your goals. We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to knowledge and approaches to achieving exceptional results.

We will be offering small high quality boot camps with a real focus on quality over quantity. Further details are available on our Bootcamp page.

When it comes to equipment we have carefully sourced some of the best kit in the industry.

The gym offers a 15m grass track providing an area for an array of different training techniques and exercises. At Optimum3 we’re big on conditioning and the grass track gives us the opportunity to give clients a session like no other. We have prowlers and sleds to push and pull up and down the track, equipment for farmers walks, battle ropes, tyres and power hammers, slam balls and much more.

Love squatting, pull-ups, olympic lifting etc? Great, we’ve got it covered! The gym benefits from squat cages kitted out with a range of olympic bars for various lifting exercises as well as built in pull up bars and dip attachments, in addition to an Optimum3 olympic lifting platform for cool stuff like deadlifts.

What does this mean to someone looking for personal training in Hull?

First and foremost it’s about results. At Optimum3 we place our sole focus on you as the client and the gym is designed with that at the core. Our facility quite simply provides a vast range of opportunities to exercise in a way which isn’t always possible in commercial gyms.

For James, the founder of Optimum3 Personal Training and personal trainer for 9 years, it can be a bit more than solely focusing on goals. It’s about developing your confidence to go in to a gym environment with little knowledge or experience.

Some find the environment quite intimidating, especially if they’ve never stepped foot in one before. At Optimum3 Personal Training we focus on breaking those barriers down by offering a non judgemental approach. Everyone has a starting point, our trainers included. You can train in the knowledge you have total direction to your training knowing what you should be doing and when, with professional guidance to enable you to look, feel and perform better.

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To your lean, healthy, optimum future,

James & the Optimum3 personal training team