Get quick, sustainable results that are designed and created around you.

You may have tried the quick fixes out there on the market, with some early results. What happens when you enter in to the latter stages of the program or even finish it? Very rarely do you find lifestyle change or sustainability.

Our Sustain program is a popular way of training and the best choice for you if you’re wanting quick, sustainable, life changing results, that help you look, feel and perform better.

Sustain provides a bespoke solution, centred and focused solely on you, that fits around your lifestyle circumstances while providing you exceptional results.

Sustain is our go to personal training solution for Hull city centre professionals who want to look, feel and perform better, but without sacrificing their whole life while doing it. In contrast to our Transform 8 program, Sustain allows you to dictate the pace of change while we focus and work tirelessly to maximise your results by pushing you within the boundaries of the pace set by you.

Sustain differs from other packages out there as this not an all or nothing approach. It is however an agreed approach. Personal training sessions will always be centred around your starting point and current ability. You will be pushed but we never throw people in at the deep end.

Sustain covers a variety of goals. Examples of goals with a focus on sustainability, that we achieve with our personal training clients are:

Fat Loss / Weight Loss

Getting Lean

Improving Health

Increasing Energy Levels

→ Muscle Gain

Improving Digestive Function

Reducing Stress

Improve Mobility and Flexibility

Increase Strength

Who is Sustain for? What do we expect from you?

 People who want meaningful results – body transformation centred around your lifestyle and commitments

 Time limited Hull city centre professionals, business people and entrepreneurs who want results despite high stress and super schedules.

 Those who are wanting a more intelligent, measured but in depth approach to their personal training experience. Built around you as an individual with that focus on sustainability.

 Accountability and commitment to your personal training sessions with a minimum of 1 session a week and a maximum of 3.

 Hard work and committing to change.

→ Bringing the right attitude and mindset is key, ready for us to take you from where you are to where you want to be. 

Busy? Have a hectic schedule that changes frequently?

Optimum3 Sustain has it covered.

If you want a healthy, strong, lean, great looking body that supports you through life, with great energy levels, Sustain is the program for you.

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Eat Well • Move Well • Live Well

James & the Optimum3 personal training team