Indoor Small Group Personal Training

Say goodbye to large oversized exercise classes in Hull.

Say hello to smaller, higher quality group personal training sessions that take care of your goals on an individual and in depth level, in Hull City Centre.

Want sensational results at the fraction of the cost of our 1-1 personal training services? Want to enjoy an indoor group personal training session in Hull City Centre? With free nutritional tools, trainer support outside of personal training sessions, as well as regular check ins, measuring progress on an individual basis, Optimum3 small group personal training sessions definitely provide more than a normal exercise class. A more personal, individualised, in depth approach.

Have a group of work colleagues who want to workout together? Want to train with a couple of friends or just enjoy training in a small group environment? Optimum3 has it covered. As with all our personal training services in Hull, we provide a non judgmental approach and aim to assist with increasing confidence in a gym environment.

There is a theme when it comes to large exercise classes in Hull. Working on a model of keeping session prices low and aiming to get as many people as physically possible in to the session. While we’re not knocking the strategy from a business point of view, does that model really have you as a client at the heart of it?

For Optimum3 Personal Training it doesn’t. What we like to do at Optimum3 is provide in depth top quality training services. The ethos of an Optimum3 group personal training session is to reduce the numbers significantly in order to provide a high level of attention and coaching to each individual, including nutritional advice and measuring individual progress. After all it’s about you and nothing else.

We don’t take on more than 6 people per group session. A group session that provides real, life changing results that will have you looking and feeling amazing!

We look forward to seeing you down at Optimum3 Personal Training soon.

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