Take your athletic performance to the next level, develop your strength, enhance your power, or improve injury rehab

Optimum3 Perform is the perfect choice if you’re wanting professional expert support to explode your athletic performance, improve power or to gain specific strength & conditioning coaching.

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Who is Perform for:

Optimum3 Perform is ideal for those with goals where improved strength, power and overall athletic performance are of priority, above fat loss and aesthetic goals.

From footballers, rugby players, netball players and tennis players, to triathletes, runners, track & field athletes, strength & power lifters, placing yourself in an expert training environment to gain optimum conditioning for the demands put on your body will help you to unlock your body’s full potential.

If you’re an elite level athlete, an amateur sports person, or dedicated to weekend challenges developing your power, strength & fitness to eradicate any weak spots can be the difference in taking your performance to the next level.

Optimum3 Perform is for:

Anyone who wants to move in their sports or event with speed, strength, agility and power

Athletes that compete: triathletes, runners, powerlifters, footballers for example who want to improve performance with expert professional training.

Amateur athletes: Those total warrior enthusiasts or runners that want to shave seconds and minutes off their times 0r generally get fitter for their chosen sport such as tennis, rugby, ice hockey or football

Beginners: Our team can take you through the necessary phases of training to condition your for your new found activity/sport.

What we expect from you:

Have the right mindset and be ready to make the changes needed. We’ll be there to support with this but you need to be ready and open to the changes.

→ A commitment to work hard outside of sessions as well as in them – we’re here to support you all the way but you’re in the driving seat so be ready to take control.

→ Commit to strength & conditioning/performance sessions 1 – 3 times a week

What should you expect:

Professional, precise and expert training with an approach from our coaches that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to getting the results you’re looking for an unlocking your body’s full potential.

→ Support with accurate goal setting and measuring. If you’re focusing on too many different elements in one go the chances are you’re increasing the difficulty in succeeding.

→ Unless your field requires you to be a certain body shape, you can expect to become lean as well as functionally muscular through Optimum3 Perform coaching and nutrition protocols.

→ Optimum3 Perform is designed around your personal goals. As well as that it is underpinned by postural and movement assessments in order to support your performance based goals.

To give you an idea of Optimum3 Perform training goals:

Injury rehab, flexibility & mobility

→ This can lay the foundation of your road to optimum performance

If you’re recovering from an injury, struggle with poor posture or generally have aches and pains that affect you day to day, these things can hold you back. As such this part of your Perform program will be of absolute importance.

Working together with our on site sports massage therapist and associate therapists we’re able to achieve returning you back to success.

Strength & Performance

→ Sport and athletic performance from sports such as football, golf and tennis, to swimming, water sports, 5k runs to triathlons and marathons.

What’s different about Optimum3 Perform?

Our expertise and knowledge in areas of injury rehab and athletic performance go way beyond ‘standard’ coaching or personal training.

With the passionate and dedicated approach from Optimum3 coaches who take your goals personally you have an amazing set of resources at your disposal to take you to the next level.

→ Bespoke private training facility with everything you need to achieve the success you’re looking for

→ Access to testing, for example hormone, digestive, with Optimum3’s specialist clinical team

→ Expert individualised nutritional approach, including supplement recommendation and recovery protocols

→ Support from our injury rehab and sports massage specialists

→ Trainer support 7 days a week

If you want to enhance your injury rehabilitation, boost your athletic performance, get precision strength and performance coaching, or learn to move with maximum skill, agility, and efficiency, Perform is for you. Book your free 30 minute consultation to take the next step now:

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