Revamp Your Health at Optimum3’s Clinic

We provide life changing health improvements with an integrated approach, with an experienced clinic team and a focus on root cause of symptoms presented, to help people unlock their body’s full potential.

Our Optimum3 clinic offers Consultant Physicians, Nutritional Therapists and Sports Massage Therapists, in addition to our personal training team. All in one place, under one roof so we can achieve better outcomes for our clients.

The best clinical outcome for our clients is our sole focus and the only thing that matters. To gain those outcomes we believe a joined up health approach of mainstream medicine and science based functional lifestyle medicine is the combination required. Which is why we work regularly with family GP’s and consultants on specific cases.

From years of experience we have found that many people have visited their GP only to be told there’s nothing wrong or if there are signs, there are limitations to investigative and testing resources.

In the event a GP does find something treatable, the approach tends to extend to a prescription or referral to a specialist who then writes you – thats right – a prescription or a referral for surgery.

Optimum3’s lifestyle approach to medicine with a highly experienced and friendly team of professionals enables us to identify underlying causes of symptoms rather than solely treating symptoms alone. Which regularly leads to a healthier, happier life.

If you’re ready to start your journey towards improved health,