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New to Exercise Home Workout

By November 19th, 2018Health, Movement & Fitness

Ok so when it comes to health and fitness you might have seen a lot of exercise workouts that are high intensity, whether it be a fitness DVD or a trainer with their client in the gym. But what if you’re new to exercise? Maybe you’ve never done exercise in the form of gym exercise or haven’t exercised for a few years. If you are new to it, getting stuck straight in to a workout that is so high in intensity isn’t always the right way to go for some people. Equally you may have some reservations about a gym environment and generally not knowing what to do. With that in mind I thought I’d put a program together with some exercises that you can try at home. These are designed for beginners but difficulty is dependent on individual ability.


Home Workout

For the home workout including video demonstrations simply click the link below.


Home workout program


If you have any questions about this program or wish to know more about our services, please feel free to email me at

Move Well.


Personal Trainer



As is the litigious nature of the world we live in, it is necessary to notify you of the disclaimer.

As with any person I train, it is recommended you obtain a physician’s examination and approval prior to beginning this exercise program. The program may be strenuous and you choose to participate completely voluntarily. You accept all responsibility for your health and any resultant injury or mishap that may affect your wellbeing or health in any way. If you have any doubts before starting this program please consult a relevant professional.


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