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Exercising with Lower Back Pain

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Should I still exercise if I have lower back pain? Should I rest until the pain goes away? The majority of us will experience lower back pain at some or many points in our lives, and in pretty much all cases, this will be down to mechanical issues arising from spinal structures such as bones, muscles, ligaments and joints. So what should we do if this arises? Below I have some of my top tips to help you in this situation. Read More

Top Tips for Rugby League Pre-Season

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With the rugby league pre-season starting to get in to full swing, it seemed wise to give coaches or individual players out there who are unsure how to prepare for the season some key tips. These tips can be used for coaches preparing for a full squad or players who are focusing their own time in the gym preparing for January. I think these tips will be crucial to ensure that when it comes to the end of pre-season you are firing on all cylinders, feeling fast, strong, explosive and most importantly injury free. Read More

The Back Squat

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The back squat is known as a kingpin of leg exercises in the gym and traditionally one of the first exercises which springs to mind with most people when training legs. A back squat provides many benefits to an individual as it is a compound exercise therefore you are working more than one joint at a time. Read More