Obesity in Children – It’s a big deal!

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You may have read about it on social media or in the news, obesity in children is on the increase, and its time we did something about it. By ‘we’ I mean from the top to the bottom, Government, food companies (I wish), right through to us as parents. There is a lot we can do in terms of taking responsibility for our own health and that of the future generation. Read More

Women lifting weights – the truth

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There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to the health & fitness industry, and a lot of these are absolute rubbish! I could write forever about them, but let’s just focus on one for now – women shouldn’t lift weights!

I’ve heard this a lot, in the time I’ve been a personal trainer, but it continues to be a popular belief, particularly in the area of fat loss / getting leaner (getting leaner is not the same as ‘getting big’). Some of the favourites are ‘you NEED to do cardio’, ‘get on the treadmill’, ‘weights will make you look like a man’, ‘I don’t want to look like Arnie’ and my favourite quote I came across, from a “trainer”, ‘women shouldn’t lift more than 4kg dumbbells’…genius! Read More