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When’s the best time to exercise?

I’m going to keep this one simple.

Exercise when you can. If you can train in the morning before work and that works best, train in the morning. If you can train on your lunch break and that works best for you, train on your lunch break. If you can………….you get the picture. While it is important to prioritise lifestyle changes in terms of increasing exercise and nutritional changes, they shouldn’t be an additional stress to life. The idea is to look, feel and perform better! Not stress yourself out because you’re not able to exercise when a ‘study’ you read recommends an optimal time to train that just isn’t an option for you.

Of course, there is a place for more complex approaches. If you’re aspiring to be an Olympic athlete or compete on stage for example. But for general fat loss goals it doesn’t need to be over complicated when considering when you should train. It is far too easy to overcomplicate things. Life is complicated enough.

So, exercise when you can but make sure you do. Rather than focusing too much on when you should train, focus on the quality of your training. Get the most out of it. Enjoy it. Ok sometimes a session isn’t going to be pretty but that’s where the results are.

Move Well!



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