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Chicken Pizza Recipe

By November 19th, 2018Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition

When it comes to cooking wholesome tasty food it can be quite easy to overthink it and make things more complicated than it needs to be. I’m a fan of quick prep and cook recipes that taste great, as you’ll see from the other recipe blogs. So here’s another for you all. One of the simplest recipes that requires very little effort but is healthy. Chicken Pizza! Now I know you’re all reading this thinking ‘this guy’s having a laugh’. Wait for it……….


Ingredients – Vary quantities to fit your needs. I personally eat two of these so we’ll base it on that.

2 Chicken Breasts                                                           Hard Goats Cheese

Half Red Pepper & Half Green Pepper                       Garlic

Onion                                                                                Herbs or Spices – Live dangerously and have a play around!

Tomato Puree


Cooking instructions

1. Butterfly the chicken breasts

2. Spread tomato puree on to butterflied breasts

3. Crush or finely chop garlic and sprinkle/spread on to puree

4. Slice the onion and peppers. These are your toppings, add them to your chicken base. (Other vegetable toppings can be used to suit personal preference, such as mushrooms).

5. Grate the cheese and sprinkle on top.

6. Pop in the oven for roughly 20-25 minutes (depending on size of chicken breasts and oven settings).

7. Tuck in and enjoy!

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Eat Well!


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