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Misconceptions of Personal Training

Recently I was at a business meeting for Optimum3 Personal Training with a great group of people and the opportunity came up for an industry sector to be scrutinised, in terms of what people’s thoughts and/or perceptions are of that specific industry. I liked this idea so volunteered for the group to discuss their thoughts/perceptions of Personal Training.

It was great to hear what people thought personal training was and what having a personal trainer might be like. I’m pleased to say, genuinely, that what was discussed, Optimum3 have covered with regards to not being like most of the perceived ideas discussed in the group.

As a result I thought it would be useful for anyone considering having a personal trainer and training with Optimum3, to cover some of the thoughts here.


“Will I be shouted at?”

Categorically not. At Optimum3 we don’t have any trainers that shout at you, there’s nothing military about what we do. We like to motivate you and yes we’re their to keep the intensity of sessions up but at no point is there any need to shout at you. We want you to enjoy your sessions. We’re a friendly bunch.

“I’m not confident and don’t want to be judged.”

Firstly, we as personal trainers are not in a position to judge anyone. At Optimum3 we don’t judge. Everyone has a starting point and we appreciate what a step it can be to get started.

“I’m worried I’ll get things wrong.”

We’re not expecting perfection. We understand where you’re starting from. As personal trainers it is our job to guide you through your workouts, at a pace relevant to your ability. Sure you’ll get a good workout, but it’s a process and we take you through at the pace relevant to your needs. Even if an exercise wasn’t quite right we’re there to help you and we’re expecting things aren’t going to be perfect straight away, it’s natural. You wouldn’t jump on a push bike for the first time and ride off in to the sunset, we look at personal training sessions in the same way. Some exercises might just take a bit of practice.

“I’ve seen trainers in other gym’s not interested and on their phones when ‘training’ someone, it didn’t look great”.

Absolutely right it didn’t look great and really simply, no one should be paying a personal trainer their hard earned cash for that level of/lack of service. Optimum3 Personal Trainers give nothing but their full attention to you inside session time and outside in terms of planning sessions and support to you 7 days a week.

“Personal trainer’s intimidate me & trainer egos put me off”

This one is short and simple for us. There are no personal trainer egos at Optimum3. It’s about you. Simples.

“I don’t want to do a personal training session at a time that doesn’t suit me or that I find a chore”

We have a flexible diary with no fixed opening times. We are available when you want to train (maybe not 2 in the morning) But essentially we have availability 7am-9pm Monday to Friday and also have weekend availability.

“Personal training is for people who are fit”

Personal training is for anyone and everyone. Sure we train some athletes but a lot of our clients are starting out for the first time, you may never have set foot in a gym before, you may have tried many different approaches to achieve the results you want and become frustrated, you may even already have gym membership but not go or just not seeing the results you want. We can help no matter your current ability. And as mentioned above, we don’t shout or judge.

Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential

We run sessions from our private personal training only personal training gym in Hull city centre. When we say ‘personal training only’ we mean that it isn’t an open membership commercial gym so there isn’t a lot of people just walking in to train on their own. We’re a private independent facility providing personal training services where you can feel comfortable and confident, but most importantly where you can achieve the awesome results you’re wanting, with knowledgeable and friendly personal trainers. We also provide full nutritional support and trainer support 7 days a week.

If you have any questions around what to expect from us please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d love to answer your questions. We also offer a FREE No Obligation Consultation where you can come in for a chat about your goals and get some more information on how we’ll get you the results you’re looking for.

If you’d like to book your free consultation simply send us an email here.

Eat Well. Move Well. Live Well


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Optimum3 Personal Training

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