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There is so much information out there when it comes to health and fitness it can be difficult to know which information to pick out. One thing we fail to do when thinking about which piece of equipment to buy or the best ‘diet’ to go on, is use our common sense. 

The basic rule is: If it looks and smells like bulls*#t, then it more than likely is bulls*#t. Here are a couple of examples of what I mean.

‘Use this workout program and get great abs in just 7 days’. Now for someone who is a couple of weeks out from a competition or below 12% body fat there may be a small chance of this applying. For everyone else it’s just not going to cut it.

‘Lose weight/Drop body fat/Get ripped by using this plan’. The people advertising/endorsing weight loss meal replacement products, workout DVDs such as Insanity, or a piece of equipment claiming to do more in 6 minutes than a 40 minute workout would. They are ripped and they look great right? It worked for them so it must be good. Now is the time to exercise common sense. These people did not get ripped or look amazing from using these products/plans, nor did they do it in 30-60 days. Those that look really muscular on a workout DVD will lift weights, and will have done for many months/years. The people endorsing/advertising crappy meal replacement products did not get there through following that plan. One example would be Cristiano Ronaldo with Herbalife. Was he in great shape years before he endorsed that rubbish? Yes! Yet people still think ‘if it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for me’. Stop. Use common sense.

Now I am not saying you won’t see any results and I am of course pro people moving more, changing the way they eat and ultimately attempting to positively change their health. Unfortunately, not all health and fitness related businesses feel the same way and for some it’s a money making exercise through ‘clever’ marketing. We just have to be aware of some of the ‘amazing claims’ they make.

Here are a couple of tips for easing the issue of which advice to take, using common sense.

1. Stop thinking short term quick fixes that ultimately set you up for long term pain. Think long term sustainable changes. The people you see in adverts and endorsements did not get to looking like that in a couple of weeks. It took hard work, commitment and dedication in the gym and with their nutrition. Do not be fooled. Anyone who has tried some of these plans already and not seen any results or did but it just wasn’t sustainable will know exactly what I mean.

2. If someone is claiming something check it stacks up, using your common sense. Optimum 3 can claim sensational results because our clients live and breathe them with long term changes to body and overall health, with honest hard work and most importantly, no gimmicks!

3. Do your own research, look in to the product. Ask professionals independent of the product who will have knowledge in the field of health and fitness but don’t have any bias to it.

By exercising some common sense you can increase your chances of better sustainable changes and results. But equally as important, save yourself time, a lot of money, and frustration. That leads me to my final point. If you have been sucked in by those marketing tactics in the past (hey I’ve been there plenty of times too) and become demotivated or frustrated because something hasn’t worked, pick yourself up and get the right advice. Do not sit there thinking ‘well that didn’t work so there’s no point’. One cap does not fit all when it comes to exercise and nutrition and you need to find the approach that gets you the best results.

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Eat Well. Move Well. Live Well.


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