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An all too common comment or answer I hear from people when eating healthy is discussed is, ‘it’s too expensive’. While for some people this is a genuine situation, for many it is not.

One big part of eating healthy, especially if restricted by budget, is shopping smart! It’s about being clever but also being open to change and willing to sacrifice foods that aren’t essential. People tell me fruit & veg is expensive. More expensive than a multipack of crisps, multiple bottles of fizzy drinks? I’m realistic and understand some items may cost a little more but the simple answer to that is real food costs real money. For that extra little bit you have control and a positive impact on your health. When shopping, how many times do we walk round the supermarket and get sucked in to their deals 2 for 1 this 3 for 2 that? How many times do we think oooh I fancy that or I’ll treat myself. Ultimately, more often than not we put foods in our basket/trolley that we just don’t need. We buy them because we think we want them and that’s where some simple changes come in to play.

When I do a food shop I generally use around 5 isles of the supermarket. 1) Meat. 2) Fruit & Veg. 3) Fish Counter. 4) Nuts, Seeds & eggs. 5) Herbs, spices & oils. Based on this here are my top tips.

  1. Set yourself some meaningful, realistic goals related to your health that you’re motivated by.
  2. Don’t do your food shop like it’s a day out – Have a list, get in, buy what’s on your list, get out. Hitting the isles you don’t NEED is a waste of time, waste of money & a waste on your health.
  3. Be prepared to forego the ‘luxuries’ – ditch the poor quality processed foods and buy fresh. Yes it may cost a little more but in reality by the time you’ve followed steps 1 & 2 and taken out the things that aren’t essential the difference won’t be that big.
  4. Change the way you think about food – Remove those barriers. ‘Eating healthy is too expensive’ ‘Healthy foods taste bland’ ‘I don’t have time’ etc etc.

For info on what you should be eating take a look at our Breakfast – What should you be eating & You and Your nutrition blogs. You can also contact us via email with any questions on this blog or nutrition.

Go forth and create your new shopping list.

Eat well!

James Brereton


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