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Going Hungry for Weight Loss?

By January 6th, 2020Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition

You’ve set your New Years resolutions and promised yourself this year is the year. A new me. With this in mind I want to clear something up.

Starving yourself? Restricting calories to the extreme?

If you’ve started a diet, made some changes to your food call it what you wish, it doesn’t mean don’t eat at all! It isn’t healthy, sustainable or necessary. I haven’t spoken to one person yet that said starving themselves was fun or enjoyable. Yet they torture themselves feeling like shite for that bit of weight loss or fat loss. It’s just not necessary. Eating healthy wholesome nutritious food will fuel you, increase energy levels, give you clarity of thought, improve performance, and most of all assist much more effectively in your weight loss/fat loss goals.

Restricting yourself to such a low amount of food/calories each day really isn’t clever. The best way to describe it is short term gain for long term pain. Initial weight loss that isn’t sustainable resulting in kicking back to old eating habits and gaining what you lost and more.

If this is what you did last January and now you’re doing it this January the answer is right in front of you. Albert Einstein made a great quote: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different outcome”. That certainly rings true in this scenario.

Please stop putting your body & health through unnecessary pain. Eat right, eat more, lose weight, lose fat.

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Eat Well. Live Well.

James Brereton

James Brereton

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