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Poor Advice Rant

By November 19th, 2018Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition

Cereal for breakfast when on a fat loss programme? This is something I touched on in a social media post on my personal training pages a few weeks ago and wanted to share it again, as poor advice like this from personal trainers and other ‘experts’ annoys me greatly.

No, to all the personal trainers out there saying it’s ok, cereal is not ok for someone wanting to drop weight/body fat. It’s your responsibility to get the best results possible for them, not accept mediocre results and feed them with bullshit advice. That’s why they trust you with their results, health and pay you they’re hard earned cash while they’re at it. I keep hearing ‘create a calorie deficit and you’ll lose weight’. Well let’s just completely sack off food quality, nutrient content, how we look and feel, and consume shit. As long as we ‘create a calorie deficit’ everything is gravy. Not! Just to clarify there isn’t such thing as a good cereal. The majority are filled with sugar and preservatives. There’s one other thing that pisses me off when it comes to cereal, the companies and their marketing. Do not be fooled when an advertisement says ‘fortified with vitamins’ for example. There will more than likely be a trace of said vitamin but because there is a trace they can say it contains vitamins. You can include other processed products such as margarines and yoghurts, all making the same claims.

One basic question you can ask yourself and other personal trainers should ask too before giving bullshit advice is “Where’s the nutritional value in this food/product?” Apply this to cereal for example, the answer is there aren’t many if any at all. Especially in comparison to other foods you could/should be eating for breakfast, with your fat loss and weight loss goals in mind. Take a look at our Breakfast – What should you be eating blog to find out what I recommend you eat in place of cereal.

And I just want to revisit the subject of calories. Not all calories are equal. If someone eats, for example, 2000 calories of processed food/rubbish against someone who eats 2000 calories of whole fresh foods, guess who looks and feels better? Calories have their place but food source and quality are massively important!

If you want sensational results don’t believe some of the bullshit you read from ‘internet experts’ or poor personal trainers and get yourself a decent trainer. There are plenty of good personal trainers out there. Rant over.

Eat Well. Move Well. Live Well.


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