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I Know How it Feels

I know how it feels from personal experience to not be comfortable with your own body, not necessarily like what you see in the mirror and how that has a knock affect regarding self esteem and confidence.

When it comes to fat loss, weight loss and general body conditioning and how it feels to be in a position of not liking your body, lacking confidence and/or feeling self conscious, director and personal trainer James knows exactly how it feels from previous personal experience.

James played a lot of sport (mainly rugby) as a child growing up and in to his adult years, to a reasonable standard. Playing and aiming to achieve a higher standard required commitment and determination. He would find himself in the gym 3 times a week, rugby training twice a week and two games over a weekend.

In his early 20’s James suffered a knee injury that kept him out of action on the rugby field for a significant period of time. The injury eventually required surgery which contributed to additional time out of the game and out of the gym. As was the stereotype with rugby, the social element was heavy going and extremely enjoyable. Out on the town with your team mates Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. Their bodies seemed to absorb the abuse it was put under with alcohol and high calorie intake. That all changed when this injury occurred.

James states the position he found himself in through a time of significantly reduced activity.

“I found myself injured and inactive but didn’t stop the partying with friends and still venturing out on the rugby nights out. I carried on eating how I’d been eating to fuel a level of activity that was every day of the week. It was fine in the beginning but then the over eating got to a point where one day I started to feel the difference. It felt like it had crept up on me and before I knew it I was up to around 17 stone. That was not a nice feeling for me personally. I definitely felt the difference in my appearance and how I felt about myself.”

Upon feeling like this James knew he didn’t want to stay there, acted on this and regained a level of fitness through some grit and determination. He used the negative feelings he felt as his motivator to get back to where he was before. It was hard work. Getting back in to the gym, strengthening up his knee and getting back on the rugby pitch and doing what he loved was where James knew he wanted to be. So he worked for it.

“I know how it feels from personal experience to not be comfortable with your own body, not necessarily like what you see in the mirror and how that has a knock affect regarding self esteem and confidence”.

Where James finds himself now, with a successful personal training business, he is well placed to understand some of the feelings and issues people find themselves with when it comes to health and well being.

“When it comes to personal training at Optimum3 there is no place for trainer ego. No one here is going to judge you or shout at you. Our team is here to listen, and most of all get you the results you’ve been desperate to achieve. We all have a starting point and we work on sustainable progression from that starting point. You start seeing results, feeling better and you start to believe you can do this. We train so many people that come to us feeling like they’re just destined to fail but that all changes when they start with Optimum3. We take your goals personally and as a result, give you everything we have, to achieve your goals. At Optimum3 its about one thing, you.”

James wanted to share his experiences with weight and fat gain as he appreciates how difficult it can be to reach out for help and support. The hardest step for some people is making that big step to sending and email or a text message to enquire about a consultation.

A consultation is free and there is no obligation to sign up because the team at Optimum3 want to make sure you feel you’re in the right place first. Read more about your free consultation here

If you have any questions or queries regarding personal training James is super friendly and always open to answering any queries. You can email him at

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