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Stress and your health

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At Optimum3 Personal Training we work with a lot of people who tell us that they’ve been trying to lose weight/change shape for a long time with no real success, but can’t understand why. We also work with busy professionals who experience regular stress, resulting in burn out, fatigue and under performance. As well as food, one thing that has a massive impact on our health & performance goals is Stress. Let me take you through why and what we can do to reduce our stress levels, in turn increasing results as well as our overall health, performance & wellbeing. Read More

Women lifting weights – the truth

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There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to the health & fitness industry, and a lot of these are absolute rubbish! I could write forever about them, but let’s just focus on one for now – women shouldn’t lift weights!

I’ve heard this a lot, in the time I’ve been a personal trainer, but it continues to be a popular belief, particularly in the area of fat loss / getting leaner (getting leaner is not the same as ‘getting big’). Some of the favourites are ‘you NEED to do cardio’, ‘get on the treadmill’, ‘weights will make you look like a man’, ‘I don’t want to look like Arnie’ and my favourite quote I came across, from a “trainer”, ‘women shouldn’t lift more than 4kg dumbbells’…genius! Read More

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

Never give up

Your water intake

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Who knows what their daily water intake should be? There are many different ways to calculate this but I love to use a specific method.

There is a generic “you should drink 2 litres a day” opinion. But how can this be for each person as an individual. I believe it can’t as we are all an individual, with an individual volume of water within the body. Our bodies are made up of 66% water. If we are all different sizes and shapes, our water levels must differ. Read More

If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got

Leave your comfort zone

Frustrated by slow fat loss?

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Is it as simple as just training hard and eating the right stuff when it comes to fat loss and weight loss goals?

Well for us, not always. That’s why we take it a few steps further. With an ethos on optimum health and each body being individual we think its key to put processes in place to get the best results for each of our clients. Read More