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You Are What You Eat

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It is a phrase that is used frequently but how many of us actually pay close attention to the phrase “You are what you eat’?

The western world is a world full of processed food heavily marketed to convenience and budget. Sometimes even unhealthy food is labelled healthy. I use a phrase with my personal training clients ‘Don’t ask why healthy food is so expensive, ask why junk food is so cheap’. I just wanted to touch on that as it feeds in to the thought processes of people when looking specifically at we are what we eat. Lets take a look at the meaning behind it. Read More

Sleep – Are You Getting Enough

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At Optimum3 it’s about more than just getting sweaty in the gym or eating loads of salad. It’s about an ethos and approach that looks at everything that can affect your results. Whether you have a goal of weight loss, fat loss or muscle gain there can be different factors to consider that will make a big difference. One being sleep! Let’s take a look.

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